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Pretty fun game. I've been playing most over at but I think I'm going to start playing here instead. 

The controls make no sense at all, why would you use left and right click if your using the WASD for the menu and space bar for submit cheat / submit hold?

You should use n or k for enter/select and either k or m for back also the cheat button should be part of the UI and not a separate button tho I would suggest a control change option for anyone who wants to change them.

Other than the controls the game is a cool retro style west poker game so good job :)


Something might be wrong with cheat detection - it froze once when i tried to cheat, but other times was fine.

Otherwise fun game.

Thanks for the heads up -- will look into it -- need to clean up the code, was a rushed job at times


Fun game, I enjoy card games a lot but I wish he wouldn't fold every time I go above 75 bucks on a bet bluffing or not. It makes it really easy to get money, bet 45 then 110 kind of thing.

thanks for the feedback -- the AI could use some improvement. I might end up revisiting this game and upgrading the AI / releasing a version with different graphics. glad you enjoyed it!

Nice game! With some sprucing up, I think it could become a great game! Found the controls a bit confusing., Think there are a bit too many and breaks the immersion a bit. But overall, I really liked it!

thanks for the feedback!  we might end up revisiting it depending on the overall response we get. I'd like to improve the AI, add more characters and an overarching quest.